Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ski Trip to Eldora

We spent President's Weekend at Eldora, skiing with Uncle Michael, Aunt Melissa, Mikayla, and Cole.
 The first two days were sunny and warm, but the last day was windy and cold. A big storm came in the day after we left bringing even stronger winds...gusts up to 85 miles an hour. Glad we missed that! Below are some photos of our group on the slopes...courtesy of Aunt Melissa.
Jackson and our cousin Cole
Cole...looks like a pro!
Is that Scotty Lego?
Cole and Aunt Melissa
Uncle Michael
Uncle Michael Michael as Bennie likes to call him
Uncle Michael and cousin Mikayla taking a rest
Waiting for the ski lift
Big Daddy
Benjamin and I spent our days in the warming house eating snacks, playing, and visiting with everyone when they came in to rest. Next year, Bennie will be old enough for ski school. Hopefully some of his Kansas cousins will be able to join him!
Mikayla playing Temple Run on the iPad
Bennie and his animals
Jackson warming up
Aunt Melissa and Cole
Bennie and Big Daddy

Bennie and Me

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jackson's Last Game

Jackson played his last basketball game of the season on Sunday. The team is really coming together and it's starting to show. Jackson scored 4 of the 10 points...which I did not catch on camera. Luckily, Doak caught one basket on video. I will upload it soon. Here are a few pictures from the game.
The Inbound Pass
Jackson Get's the Loose Ball
Awesome Moves!
Half Time Chat
Thanks for the Screen!
Nice Backside Moves!
In the end, the scoreboard did not tip in our favor. The boys played a good game and are looking forward to playing together again next year!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Hip Hop Dancer

Have you ever watched an episode of "Fresh Beat Band"? If you don't have young kids, you probably have missed them. 4 adults pretending to be in school...with lots of music and dancing. It has become one of Benjamin's favorite shows. He loves singing and dancing.
Lately, he has been copying their dance moves and dancing along with the dance scenes. He's getting pretty good...clearly getting these abilities from my side of the family! Below is a cute video of Bennie and his dance moves. Keep an eye on the iPad. He is trying to dance along with the show.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snow Day!

Jackson was so excited when he woke up on Friday and heard it was a snow day! Even more excited when the door bell rang and he had some friends ready to sled down the side of our house!

Once Benjamin saw the kids outside, there was no keeping him in. Our neighbor was so sweet to help Bennie!

The worst part of sledding...dragging your sled back up the hill!

Sometimes you even have to drag your little brother up the hill and then give him a little push.
Our total snow accumulation was 16 inches on February 3rd. Today (Feb 7th) it's snowing again. Looks like we got another 6 inches and more snow this weekend. Yikes!!! Wondering how long it will take to melt! Here's a link to a sledding video of Jackson and Bennie. Watch Video

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Benjamin's Big Boy Bike

Santa brought Benjamin a big boy bike for Christmas. He was so excited! He loves tagging along with Jackson and the other big kids in our cu-de-sac and really wanted a bike for Christmas just like the "big kids". 
This photo doesn't show his true excitement. Jackson woke us up at 6:00am to open presents. his mama...doesn't like to get up early.

Below are a few pictures of Bennie riding his new bike after school this week...Pajama Day at school in case you were wondering. 
He is so "big" now! He rides his bike whenever he gets a chance and is pretty fast for a little guy...hoping he will learn to use the brakes soon!

Bennie and his big boy bike