Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Traveling Backpack

Last Thursday, Benjamin was beaming from ear to ear when I picked him up from school. He was chosen to take the traveling backpack home from school for one week.

Benjamin was so excited!

 Inside the backpack was a Skippyjon Jones stuffed animal, book, and note from the teacher.

In my early days of teaching, I did this same activity with my kindergarten class. The kids always looked forward to being the one to take the backpack home each week. I thought it was a great school-home connection. I'm seeing this activity from the parents point of view and I have to's so STRESSFUL! I'm completely paranoid something is going to happen to this animal.

I know Benjamin will be sad to see Skippyjon Jones and his book return to school tomorrow, but I'm going to be breathing a sigh of relief!

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  1. In my 23 years of teaching kindergarten, Emerson Bear never got lost, was left on the bus a couple of times, and had to be bathed before the next child's turn maybe a half dozen times.
    Most people took good care of him, but I doubt anyone felt the responsibility as acutely as you do :-)